Author: Dawn Thomson

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Do you know what? There’s always tomorrow. Mental load. The never-ending To Do List. Finding it difficult to switch off. We’re all so busy, taking care of things at work, at home, trying to make plans. It can be a real challenge to alleviate the pressure we put on ourselves. So today, give yourself permission […]

Like a Bad Boy? Learn To Break This Habit

h, Bad Boys. For as long as anyone can remember, the Bad Boy has been the handsome devil that stared moodily from the posters on our bedroom walls, that we read about in romantic novels. And while most of these characters are deliciously naughty between the pages of a book, if you’ve ever attempted a […]

How To Gain Interview Confidence

WHAT TO DO IN THE DAYS LEADING UP TO THE INTERVIEW Build up your self-confidence in all areas. Write a list of at least 20 great qualities and talents you have (things like having a great car don’t count). Enlist the help of a friend if you get stuck. Read the list every night before you […]

The Importance of Setting Boundaries

The Importance of Setting Boundaries We’ve discussed in other blogs how important it is to have time to yourself: to rest, restore, and have space to reconnect with yourself. Keeping all aspects of your life in balance, and ensuring that you don’t get overwhelmed by them, will help you face whatever Life brings – but […]