Cut Yourself Some Slack

Do you know what? There’s always tomorrow.

Mental load. The never-ending To Do List. Finding it difficult to switch off. We’re all so busy, taking care of things at work, at home, trying to make plans. It can be a real challenge to alleviate the pressure we put on ourselves. So today, give yourself permission to take your foot off the gas, just for a little bit.

Give less, gain more

The triggers for stress are different for everybody. Where in your life could you give a tiny bit less today that would reduce your stress levels? What could you cut out today that would give you the greatest feeling of relief, relaxation, or joy? For example, how about not cooking the tea tonight (one of my personal favourites)? Order a takeaway, go out or ask somebody else to cook! By giving a bit less, you will gain so much more, starting with a bit of headspace.

Put yourself in Time Out

What about changing into your pyjamas the minute you get home? Or leaving a piece of work to finish tomorrow? Find your own way to indulge yourself: do more of what you want to do today and less of what you should do. Don’t worry – the world will continue to turn. Just allow it to do so with a little less help from you. Despite how the saying goes, there is always tomorrow. And by doing less, you might just give others the opportunity they’ve been waiting for but rarely get …  space to do more themselves.

Give yourself a break

One important thing to remember: cutting yourself some slack doesn’t mean you’re a slacker. Keep such self-critical thoughts at bay by reminding yourself that they are just stories you tell yourself. The reason they seem true is because you’ve repeated them – and listened to them – so many times that they have taken on the ring of truth. You can’t pour from an empty cup; giving yourself a break means you are able to recognise when you are feeling depleted and understand when you need some self-care. 

We all need time to relax, recharge and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. It’s a valuable investment in our future selves, so make sure you set aside the time for regular instalments.

If you need help with striking a better work/life balance or you’d like to explore ways to creating a more fulfilling life, Dawn would love to speak with you. She has helped many clients find themselves and their passion while offering them guidance and support.